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Past Lineups

2023 Lineup

Friday, August 18th, 2023

Todd Wehr Theater Shows
6:30pm – Unaffiliated Group
8:00pm – Studio K Flamenco

Saturday, August 19th, 2023

Todd Wehr Theater Shows
1:30pm – Azucena Reyes | Katie Lindgren // Goodesmith
3:00pm – Ballet Folklorico Xanharati
5:00pm – Valentine & Friends
6:30pm – Catey Ott Dance Collective
8:00pm – Angry Young Men w/ Boozy Bard

Peck Pavilion Shows
1:00 pm – DanceCircus
2:00pm – Hour 22
3:00pm – WingSpan Dance // Jaxy Emmel
6:00pm – Xposed 4heads

Roving Performances
1:30pm – Mark Lawson
2:30pm – Doc Plain Magic Show
4:30pm – Zach Allen
5:30pm – Milwaukee Youth Ensemble
6:30pm – Jonah Denae

Visual Arts & Vendors (more to come)
Bellajack Designs
A Brush Box
A Brush of Amber
Art by David Bremer
Shun’s Online Deals
Modern Marie Antoinette
Radiance Media
The Ox
Eleganz Filaire
Olivia Glynn

2022 Lineup

Saturdat, August 27th, 2022


Vogel Hall Shows
1:00pm – Kathryn Cesarz & Jesse March
2:15pm – KAD & Christopher B. Goode
4:00 pm – Joshua Yang & Water Street Dance Co.
5:30pm – TJC Productions
6:45pm – Valentine 8

Peck Pavilion Shows
2:00pm – Hour 22
3:00pm – Tessa Ritchey, Kaleid Dance Collective, Rae Zimmerli & Wingspan Dance
4:30pm – Milwaukee Irish Arts
5:30pm – Nick Ortiz, Saxophone

Roving Performances
Sunstone Studios’ Clown Corpse
Angry Young Men Ltd.

Audio & Visual Artists
Jared Lee
David Bremner

Karla’s Cake Pops
Little Beefy Food Truck
Royaleb & Company Cotton CANDY
Spip & Clips Wedding and Floral Designs
Beautiful Roots
Ara’s Crafts & Creations
Gloss House MKE
Shun's Online Deals

Virtual Performances By
Roberta Miles
Project SK&A
Julia Garcia
Black Market Dance and Film
Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre
Button Podcasts
Anne Heaton Band
Don Russell

2021 Lineup

Saturday, August 28th, 2021

Peck Pavilion Performances
3:00pm -- c Valentine 6
4:00pm -- Catey Ott Dance Collective
5:00pm -- Tyler Anthony Smith
6:00pm -- Joshua Yang

Roving Performances
2:30pm -- Warped Dance Company
3:34pm -- Ashley Ray Garcia
4:45pm -- Mad Rogues Theatre Company
6:30pm -- Dial-Up Stepmom

Visual Artists
The Ox
Eugene Zakrzewski

2019 Lineup

August 24-25, 2019

Todd Wehr Performances

Don Russell

Bob Balderson

Thatre Gigante

Tyler Anthony Smith

Angry Young Men

Showgirl Awakening

Outskirts Theatre

Abby Skoronski

La Resistance

The Valentine 5

Vogel Hall Performances

Dasha Kelly Hamilton

Water Street Dance

SpaceJunk Dance

Neville Dance Theatre

Zack Schorsch & Brett Sweeney

Karl Baumann & Selena Milewski

Catey Ott Dance Collective

TEG and Artists

The Field Milwaukee

The Lucchesi/Keitzman Project

Lake Arts Project

Fringe Stage Performances

Voices Found Repertory

Mad Rogues

Warped Dance Company

Kathryn Cesarz

Mezclando Dance

Tamarind Tribal Belly Dancers

Peck Pavilion Performances

Lindsey Ruenger Dance

Wingspan Dance

Lexie Kaufmann Dance



Visual Artists

BeingNau Art

The Ox

Tum Tum Tree Studios

2016 Lineup

August 27-28, 2016

Todd Wehr - Saturday, August 27

Wisconsin Hybrid Theater

Chad M. Piechocki– Saint Valentine II: An Etymology of Love

Distance Dances– Cosmos + Sparkles

Suemo Dance: A Dance Experience

The Lucchesi Group -Two Rivers: A Family Drama

Project Non-Violence

Renaissance Theaterworks– Lucky Numbers

C.S Dance Collective– Unspoken

Maria Gillespie-Oni Dance, The Delicate Scrutiny of Invisible Narratives

Quasimondo Physical Theater– The Nautical Tragedy of Dick III



Todd Wehr - Sunday, August 28

KACM Theatrical Productions

Kelsey Lee- Fruits of Paradox

Dawn Springer Dance Projects

Thom Cauley– On The Spectrum, or Color by Number

Kathryn Cesarz– Emily

Cadance Collective


Theatre Gigante– Then and Now and Then


Vogel Hall – Saturday, August 27

Moved To Be

Draves Dance Collective – Finding the Light

Parallel and Fusion Dance Collective

All In Productions

The Third Space

BOINK– Overflow

Cooperative Performance Milwaukee– iTopia

Tontine Ensemble

Nineteen Thirteen


Vogel Hall – Sunday, August 28

Imaginez Ensemblez– Take Flight: An Adventure in Cirque

Janus Theatre Company– Here Lies a Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Catey Ott Dance Collective– Celestial Wisdom on Earth

Bronzeville Arts Ensemble

Lake Arts Project– Imagery and Words

Radermacher Dance Company– Nan

Angry Young Men- Full Frontal Puppetry


Gazebo Stage - Saturday, Aug. 27

Music Lineup:
Mark Waldoch
Oh My Love
Foreign Goods featuring Abby Jeanne (Rebel Love)

Gazebo Stage- Sunday, Aug. 28
Music Line-up:
Ruth B8r Ginsburg
Lady Cannon
Ugly Brothers
Platinum Boys
Light Music
Milo (Rapsmith)

Vogel Hall- Saturday, August 27

Tontine Ensemble

Roving Artists

Alice Wilson, Living Statue
KJ Prodigy
Ànjà Notànjà
Brew City Fire Brigade
Peter J Woods

Alice Wilson, Living Statue
Panadanza Dance Company
Salsabrosa Dance Studio
Susie Seidelman
Circle Arts
Ànjà Notànjà

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